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Welcome to dragcave_rares The community designed for connecting breeders of rare eggs to those DC-ers without them. The aims are simple, but make sure you read the sections below to find out how the community works and what rules to follow.

How it works:

Posting on dragcave_rares is open. Anybody can post, but there are certain guidelines to follow and if you're found breaking these guidelines you'll get three warnings before you're banned.

Anyone interested in breeding doesn't need to post - simply go to this post, comment with whichever lists you'd like to be added to, and I'll update the lists once a day. This list is merely for people who're looking for eggs to check out if they want to contact you more directly, and to help keep track of how many breeders and adopters we have going in the community. Of course it's not mandatory that you be put on the list, but it'd be nice to know that you're available for breeding.

To request, post with which breed you're requesting and whether you'd like an egg or a gendered hatchling. If you'd like a gendered hatchling, be sure to specify which gender, and be aware that if this is what you're looking for it'll probably take longer to find a breeder. Not everyone is willing to raise eggs to the gendered hatchling stage and it takes time to get to that stage once you find someone.

Since this is a community aimed at requesting and gifting rare eggs, please refrain from asking for commons or breeds who can't be mated (such as dinos, chickens, and papers). I'm sure it won't be a problem, but please don't spam and try to keep posting down to once every few days.


1. Use appropriate language and icons.

2. Be respectful.

3. Do not kill your egg or hatchling. If you're found killing an egg or hatchling, you will be banned from the community. If you came to the community looking for a particular gender please specify, and at the very least if you got an egg and don't want the gender it becomes, give the hatchling to someone else in the community.

Mod Contact
Any questions, comments, concerns, problems, or suggestions should be referred to this post. Comments are screened for privacy.

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